Columbia MO wedding DJ photobooth
Columbia MO Wedding DJ Photobooth



  • Unlimited black and white or color 2×6 prints
  • Professional Attendant to assist with photo booth
  • Box of props
  • Digital copy of images from the event
  • Personalized photo strips / custom graphic
  • Photo Guestbook

What’s the point in taking amazing pictures if you can’t instantly show them off to the world? High Impact let’s your guests email their photos and post them online to Facebook in a matter of seconds after stepping out of the Booth. Having High Impact Photo Booth at your party lets you and your guests show how awesome your event is as it’s actually happening.


GREEN SCREEN High Impact all new, seamless green screen experience takes the photo booth to places it has never been before. Just like how it’s done in the movies, a green backdrop is installed in your Booth and when your guests snap their pictures, the green screen technology will replace the background with any image you would like. Take your guests anywhere in the world (or out of this world) by adding green screen to your Photo Booth experience.

BIG SCREEN Screen displays all the sweet, silly and fun pictures being taken throughout the night by projecting them onto a screen or around the room as well as showing them on the Booth’s external monitor. This lets you create instant memories all of your guests can enjoy.


The booth is extremely easy to use. Hop in, choose either black and white or color prints with the touch screen, and strike a pose! In about 10 seconds you will have 2 copies of professional quality 2×6 prints.
It only takes us about 25 minutes to setup our booth, but we will be at your event about an hour before to ensure everything is working and there are no issues.
You can take unlimited pictures in the hours of provided service. We will always print doubles of all pictures too!
With the backdrop about 15 people can fit in the picture.
All we need is easy access to a standard power outlet and a flat, dry space for our booth.
We accept cash, checks, and Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the event.

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