Lighting Design & Special Decor

It’s a well-known fact that color affects a person’s mood. So why settle for the same boring ‘earth tones’ in your meeting or banquet room? Something as simple as a monogram or company logo can shift the focus of guests as they arrive. Now couple that with creative lighting or other mood enhanced lighting and your room has been transformed offering your guests an elegant and fun environment where they relax and concentrate on the topic at hand.

Our lighting designers will consult with you to determine how best to achieve your desired look or theme with their extensive knowledge of available lighting products.



There are so many reasons to throw a party, we know that the music is always of utmost importance. At High Impact Entertainment, we understand that music, and a professional music provider like one of our experienced DJs, can make or break a party. That’s why we provide a quality service for a wide variety of parties ranging from birthday celebrations to anniversaries, school events and even New Years Eve and Christmas parties.


Corporate Events

We aren’t just a single DJ looking to make a quick buck, we’re a company dedicated to providing the best in DJ and mobile disco entertainment for any event or function. High Impact Entertainment has DJs, with years of experience. This allows us to match a DJ to your event, ensuring that you get a quality performer perfect for your function.


Live Sound Rentals

Here at High Impact Entertainment, we can professionalize any sound challenges you may have. With audio systems and inventory tailored for any type of event we can provide clear, crisp, live sound for both indoor and outdoor events. Our equipment can provide sound for any size event, from small gatherings to huge concerts and festivals.

In addition, we provide Rider-friendly equipment as well as all of its different sound accompaniments. We even offer backline instruments for musicians who do not wish to travel with their own cumbersome drum sets and other musical pieces.


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